Life Update :)

Hey Guys,

I thought I would jump on and give you all a little update 🙂 I’ve been a bit MIA lately. So let’s get back on track 🙂


We moved back to England back in February! We wanted to be nearer to our family, and try and settle in one place. We now live in Manchester City. We chose Manchester as C’s Family is just around the corner, his nan is getting older, so we want to be around for her. Also, Manchester is great for a young couple like us, there is loads of nightlife, shopping is great! Not forgetting, if we do fancy a little trip we have the trains, and airport just around the corner. So we are pretty lucky.


I feel pretty settled now, we live in a lovely location, in a new build apartment. It’s complete with Gym and residents lounge, so really has everything we could as for! Oh and free coffee !! What more could a girl need!

Joking aside I do feel really at ease here, and dare I say it, I feel very settled, and at home.

Family & Friends

The family is great, we have just come back from a week in Devon, celebrating my Grandads 70th Birthday 🙂 No one in our family has never made it to 70 so was a big deal! Was such a lovely time, just chilling and spending time with the gang.

Friends! My best one is due to give birth to her 1st baby in May which is a matter of weeks. I literally can not wait! So proud of her, can’t wait to meet him. We had a lovely baby shower at the beginning April and it was such good fun!


My health is overall ok. My anxiety has been great no real episodes. Been pretty level 🙂 But on the other hand, I think I’m struggling either with the side effects of my medication for anxiety. Or my Thyroid isn’t quite level. I have a blood test booked. I already have medication to help this, but something isn’t quite right.

I have been piling on the weight lately, headaches from hell, sweats and mighty nose bleeds. The most weirdest one is my toenail falling off (I’m not sure if this is related)

So to help all of this I’ve gone back to a better diet, less chocolate and rubbish, to fresh fruit and vegetables. I have also been back at the gym, but not going hard just a light muscle work out with a HITT at the end. So hopefully I will get back to the old me soon.


My career, where do I start. Since moving back home, I feel like I have loads more freedom. When we lived in Ireland, I felt like I relied on C so much, and everything I did was surrounding his business. As much as this was and is great and at times I really did enjoy it. I felt like there was nothing else.


Now I feel like there are so many avenues. Plus, as a couple, it really isn’t working me working straight under him. We have deiced that I need to find something a bit to the left. Of course, I still want to be a part of his business world, but not directly under him. So we are currently trying to find a solution around that. I have already stopped doing some of the stuff I do, and I already feel loads better for it!

I obviously love Social Media, blogging etc, so we are looking to try and incorporate those areas into a new role, but for the short term, there are other things we need to focus on. So I’m excited for that.

I’ve been looking onto course that I could take to boost my knowledge 🙂 So if you know any great courses in and around the Manchester area let me know!

What’s Next?

So other then Baby making an appearance, and career taking a little turn, and hopefully getting my thyroid levels straight. Things a pretty darn good at the moment. I’m excited to make the changes. Who knows what is in store for us ……..


I’ve said soooo many times, if you follow my YouTube channel, you would have seen me talk about my Soap & Glory love fest! It’s getting stronger! I’m falling in love! I got given an array of different Soap & Glory gifts from my mother in law for Christmas… and I’m loving them!

Here are some of my favourites.

The Righteous Butter


Oh my goodness, this is divine. It’s a great moisturiser. I used to stick with good old Garnier, now I have purchased the big tub of this! It is a little pricey, I paid €15 for my big tub, and that was an offer, but my goodness it is so worth it! It has also lasted a fair bit, you wouldn’t even know I have started it.

It’s a butter so is nice and thick, and really spreadable. Once applied it doesn’t leave you with that horrible sticky feeling. You know that one when you have to wait a year for it to soak in, but you have no time, as you are already 5 minutes behind schedule. Not with this bad ass butter. It leaves your skin feeling nourished, glossy and super soft… Oh and the smell, the smell is insane, I can’t even describe it! Just go smell it!

Scrub of Your Life


These quirky names are just getting better, so creative love them!

So this is a great scrub! It has a gel texture, with a little exfoliant, you can defiantly feel the grains, but you don’t feel like you are showering with a piece of sandpaper!  I feel like when I use this, it’s I am just using a soap, but my body afterwards feels super smooth. You can defiantly tell your touching that newly uncovered, untouched skin. BLISS!

I even use this as a weekly exfoliator for my face. I know, all you beauty bosses are probably screaming at the computer  “what… NO!’, but it works so well, I’m able to git rid of that annoying, bogey looking dry skin around my nose! Although that being said, they do have a face range! Hmmm… ‘Review idea”

Clean On Me


I can’t help but sing this when I read, or say/sing it!

This is great, gives you everything you need from a good shower gel. Cleans you, froths up well (so only need a little) which is great as it can be pricey, again but very worth it.It also comes in a bubble bath! It is just amaze balls to lay in a nice velvety bath, with the room filled with that gorgeous aroma of Soap & Glory! Oh, the smell… Have I mentioned it smells lovely!

Body Mist


Yummmmmmmm. This is what I say every time I smell these mists! I use this every day! I even spray a little on my PJs once I’m out of the shower. After shower time, and all the products I’ve used, I walk around the house in a massive aroma ball, peacocking the smell to all those that are around. Hoping for that, “Oh what’s that smell”. In which I reply, “That would be me”, in a very princessy way. SAD!

Seriously, though… These are delicious. The come in a few flavours. Original Pink, Sugar Crush, Frutigo, Orangeasm and finally my FAVE Mist You Madly.. (Great name).

I could write a long paragraph with a description of all the smells, but I wouldn’t do them any justice, trust me, just go and smell them!

Some selected flavours do come in a Eu’toliette! WOW!

So there… I love Soap & Glory, if you have tried some of these products, let me know what you think, and if you have tried something you think I should try! Let me know!






Primark Eye & Lip Products Review | 2017

So a few days ago, I did my review on all of the Foundations and Face products that I tried from Primark! Now it is the turn of the Eye and Lip products. Check out the video over on my YouTube channel.

First the Eyes!

Eyeshadow. I brought the Earth eye palette. I keep my eyes very soft, and neutral, #boring! The truth is, I have no clue how to do these fancy, beautiful eye looks. Keep it simple, HA! I do a simple base colour, then blend up to the eyebrow. Done!

The product is very loose, as soon as I wiggled the brush, it broke down quickly, which I thought was a good thing, I only needed a little product 🙂 The colour seemed to be quite pigmented. Not the best, but for the price, it’s defiantly worth it, and for an everyday eye look. For a very reasonable €1.50!!

Next the Mascara, I am usually very fussy with Mascara, I like a good brush, usually a traditional brush, not too fancy. Primark had a few different types, I was spoilt for choice! I went with the Lash Out, €1.50.


The brush was great, didn’t have loads of product on the brush, so didn’t leave loads of clumps. It left my eyelashes long, spacious,  and super natural! OH, MY GOD! My new favourite Mascara!

Third was the Eyebrow Crayon!

This was great, nice and soft, really easy to use. The spooly was great for blending it through. I normally use the Rimmel, basic Eyebrow crayon, and this was defiantly on par with this! I got this in Espresso, FAB!


The Perfect Pout Lip Liner, this was ok! I wouldn’t write home about it. Meh.. take it or leave it.

I also brought the PS..PRO lip liner, which was in a shape of a felt tip. It was sooo easy to apply. I’m not massive into doing my lips, and wearing lip products., but this was great! So easy to apply, and easy to work with, and lasted throughout the day! LOVED IT

Let’s talk lipsticks. The first one I tried, was just from the basic range, in Buff.

The colour was terrible, but the overall feel of the lipstick was nice. It was very easy to apply and had a nice silky feel. Also left my lips feeling very nourished. I think if I was to find a better shade for my skin tone, this could be a winner.

Lastly, I tried the Liquid Lipstick! I’ve never tried these before, so this was a first for me! I liked it. It had the texture and mouldability of a lipgloss, but the pigment and intensity of a lipstick! Great! Again, maybe need to try a different shade.

Overall, I loved pretty much all of these products! Not only for their unbelievable value, but also for their overall look!

I would highly recommend these products, just play around with the different shades, and find what works for you 🙂




Primark Contor & Highlighter Review | Gg’s Lifestyle

I have already shared my review on Primarks Foundation.

Now, for my review on the Contour and Highlighting palettes!-€4.50

First the Contour palette. This comes in some lovely packaging, which also makes it super easy to store, and travel with. It comes with three shade. A brown, a blush, and a beige highlighter.

The brown contour was great, it didn’t have any harsh orange undertones, which I thought it would have, from using the foundations. It gave a really nice dark, soft shadow! Was lovely, and stayed all day.

The beige highlighter, didn’t have much pigment, but after really working the brush in I got enough product on my face to make a difference, so this wasn’t the best, but was okay, and did work well with the brown.

The blush, again, took a while to get enough product on the brush, and to be completely honest I couldn’t tell if it had transferred onto my skin. Not impressed.

Overall, I really liked this! I have been using it daily and had a few compliments. Most people thinking it is a high-end product… Ssh, I won’t tell if you don’t 🙂

Next, the Highlighter palette, €4.50. This was okay. I had high expectations of this after using the Contour palette.

This packaging is my favourite, beautiful, white and rose gold. I’m massively into rose gold at the moment, I just changed my phone to rose gold #loser.

It also comes with three colours. A soft golden, shimmery brown, nice soft pink blush, and a shimmery white.

The brown, was gorgous, added a little hint of pasaz. You could even use it on it’s own, maybe if you were heading out, on a night out.

The blusher, I actually used as my main highlighter, was lovely, left a nice natrual shine. I now use this daily, and again, get complimented.

Lastly the white… Let down, was very ashy, and looked dull. Which really ruined the look of the other two. I now just pretend that its not there. Occasionally I mix it with the blush, if I’m feeling extra sassy.

Overall, I was very impressed with both of these palettes! Defiantly recommend these!

Primark Foundations Review | 2017

So we all love Primark, I mean who doesn’t! They have impressed us even more with bringing out a new beauty/make-up! YESS!


So I thought let’s see if they are all cracked up to be…. I did a YouTube video also, so head over to my channel to have a cheeky look!

First I tried their Illuminating Primer, from their PS..PRO range – €5. It claims, to give a radiant, illuminating base for your foundation. I personally love illuminating products. The feel was nice, felt very soft, I seemed to need a fair bit to be able to cover my face. The smell, it didn’t really seem to have a smell, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Personal preference I suppose.

Once it was applied, my skin did feel a tad softer, but I wasn’t blown away. To be fair, though, I don’t use primers that often, but I still probably won’t use this one again.

On to the first of my foundations. First up the PS..PRO, Long-wear, Mineralized Foundation! – €6

Well! There were only three different shades in the store I was in. Which consisted of Porcelain (White), Warm Beige (Orange), Dark Beige (Very Orange/Brown). This disappointing me straight away, but have since seen a few other shades Pro.jpgfor this foundation, so perhaps it’s more my store then the foundation!

I loved the packaging. A very sleek design, accompanied by a glass bottle, and that ever so loved, pump. The shade, well…. Completely wrong, I went with the Warm Beige, it had very heavy orange undertones, which really match me, yet I do think, maybe if I was to mix in Porcelain, it would be a better match. The smell, it smelt really nice! The coverage, not bad, from my normal foundation, this was very full coverage. It is also very builder-able, if you are looking for that extra coverage. The overall feel. It felt a little heavy and sticky, but I think is mainly as I am not that used to heavy, full coverage foundations. Once I put a powder on, it felt a lot better.

Overall, I did like it, it would need to grow on me slightly, just for the full coverage side, it’s just such a shame that the colours are so out! Not my least favorite, but by no means the best.

Next was the Flawless Face Foundation – €4.

Much better! Again the shades of colours that were available, weren’t great, but they were more realistic. They had Nude, Beige, Dark Beige. Not to sure, but I went with Nude, and from the bottle, it looked perfect match. The packaging, very simple, a squeeze bottle, no pump 😦 The smell, smelt okay actually.Flawles.jpg

When I applied it to my face, it felt nice, easy to even across my face, and the colour was almost perfect. Straight away the foundation made my skin feel super smooth, and that was before the powder was applied. The coverage was a strong medium coverage, but again, could defiantly build it to a higher medium coverage.

This so far was my favorite.

Lastly, the 2 IN 1 Foundation. This has a foundation and a concealer hidden in the lid! €3.50 Genius!

2in1.jpgThe packaging is very similar to the above, but this had the concealer AND A MIRROR!! In the lid! The smell, wasn’t horrible, but not the best smell. The feel, very very very sticky. It felt like it was just sat on the surface of my skin, and not in a good way. It was really oily. As far as I know, I’m pretty sure they don’t have different foundations for different skin types, but should defiantly consider this.

The colours again were rubbish very similar to the PS.. PRO foundations, (just fancier names.) This didn’t match my skin tone, but was a little better then the PS..PRO. After two minutes of having it of I just wanted it off my face. Was horrid! I felt restricted from the feeling on my face, even after the powder was applied.

The concealer, not all that, very similar to the foundation. Over all, i really really didn’t like this AT ALL!

Overall, I was really unimpressed, was a massive let down 😦 Although, plucking out the favorite would have to be the Flawless Face €3.50. For the all round success. The feel, the coverage, and value for money, it was the cheapest, but felt the most expensive, and had the best skin tone match for me.

So if your thinking of buying a Primark Foundation, I would recommend the Flawless Face.

If I’m completely honest, I would stick to your foundation, you use at the moment. That being said, there are some great products that are Pucker! Stay tuned for my review on the Eye and Lip product review!




What a Role Model! – Conna Walker

In my line of work, I am surrounded by gorgeous, modelious women! Being the face of our business, appearance is at top of the list. I don’t mean, we have to look aesthetically pleasing in the face, or super skinny. I mean dressing for your body type and looking presentable, and most of all, professional.

When I first thought of a “professional women”, I just thought of a very ugly trouser suit. The type that makes me look very unfeminine, and very frumpy. Then I was pleasantly surprised. I shopped around and realized women can look DAMN HOT in a pantsuit!


I have a few women that I work with that always look lovely. They balance the ‘sexy’ and ‘professional’ look so well. I know that one of their most favorite sites that they use is “House Of Celeb Boutique”. I never thought too much about it. Just thought it was a nice little site.

That was until this weekend!

I was talking to one of the women I work alongside, and we were just chatting about how she creates her effortless, professional look with a dress! She told me the background of “Hose of Celeb Boutique”. The lady behind the oh so popular dress site is Conna Walker.

What a little dime! This young entrepreneur started when she was just 17 years old! She started designing her dresses, and posting them on Instagram, people loved them, she made a little profit from people who bought the dress via ‘eBay’ and then post it on Instagram, for publicity. After a while, the likes of ‘The Kardashians; were pictured wearing her dresses, and she took off!


This is not the best bit!

Conna Walker has some guidelines that she follows very closely when designing her dresses! She was inspired by curvy women. If the dresses are booby, then they will cover more leg and be midi, If they are short on the leg, they will be high neck, and so on and so forth. Basically, she knows how to stay classy! It’s genius! No matter your body shape, or size.


What an incredible woman to be able to be such an inspiration to every girl from young girls to professional women despite their body! Not only that she designs amazing dresses, she teaches people that you don’t need to show off every bit of skin to be sexy! That pretty much less is more!

Not only that! She has inspired so many people! From the age of 17, that just by following her dreams, haveing fun and doing what she loved, you can really become successful. She has proved how far our society has come, from it being a male driven world in business to now women haveing their turn too!

She is amazing, for her morals, dresses, success. I support her for that! Check her out @connor_walker on Instagram! Let’s support such great women, and ditch the leggy blonde skinny unrealistic role models!




P.S I have not been paid for this blog, I just think she is kick ass!

Black Mask Review – 2017!

As a teenager, I suffered from really bad acne… This has left me with terrible scars all over my face. As much as I hate them, I would much prefer them, then have those spots back!

I use many different products, and not much helps to lessen them. I have been offered laser treatment, but there is too much information siding with the cons. So I’ll give that a miss.

I’ve seen this ‘Black Mask’ all over the internet, and although I wanted to try it to see what it was like. A very big part of me wanted to feel that o so great satisfaction peeling it of!!!

The instruction say to apply generously onto a clean face, and simply leave for 30 minutes, or until the mask has dried!


Then start peeling!!!

OOCH! It is a little sore when you pull it off, a tad like when you get your eyebrows or top lip waxed! No wonder it was killing! I had no gunk, puss of eyewatering sights, apart from dead skin and small hair, and lots of it!

I was so disappointed… BUT.

As the day went on I couldn’t stop touching my face, I could really feel the benefits, my face was super soft and smooth. Much to my amazement, when I looked in the mirror a few hours later, my skin looked really clear, and scars seemed to be less visible! I had a glow! I was impressed! My makeup also went on like a dream!

So as a roundup, at first very disappointed! Then.. I loved it! I wouldn’t use this daily but defiantly would use it every other week, just to renew my skin!

Big thumbs up to this!