Life Update :)

Hey Guys,

I thought I would jump on and give you all a little update 🙂 I’ve been a bit MIA lately. So let’s get back on track 🙂


We moved back to England back in February! We wanted to be nearer to our family, and try and settle in one place. We now live in Manchester City. We chose Manchester as C’s Family is just around the corner, his nan is getting older, so we want to be around for her. Also, Manchester is great for a young couple like us, there is loads of nightlife, shopping is great! Not forgetting, if we do fancy a little trip we have the trains, and airport just around the corner. So we are pretty lucky.


I feel pretty settled now, we live in a lovely location, in a new build apartment. It’s complete with Gym and residents lounge, so really has everything we could as for! Oh and free coffee !! What more could a girl need!

Joking aside I do feel really at ease here, and dare I say it, I feel very settled, and at home.

Family & Friends

The family is great, we have just come back from a week in Devon, celebrating my Grandads 70th Birthday 🙂 No one in our family has never made it to 70 so was a big deal! Was such a lovely time, just chilling and spending time with the gang.

Friends! My best one is due to give birth to her 1st baby in May which is a matter of weeks. I literally can not wait! So proud of her, can’t wait to meet him. We had a lovely baby shower at the beginning April and it was such good fun!


My health is overall ok. My anxiety has been great no real episodes. Been pretty level 🙂 But on the other hand, I think I’m struggling either with the side effects of my medication for anxiety. Or my Thyroid isn’t quite level. I have a blood test booked. I already have medication to help this, but something isn’t quite right.

I have been piling on the weight lately, headaches from hell, sweats and mighty nose bleeds. The most weirdest one is my toenail falling off (I’m not sure if this is related)

So to help all of this I’ve gone back to a better diet, less chocolate and rubbish, to fresh fruit and vegetables. I have also been back at the gym, but not going hard just a light muscle work out with a HITT at the end. So hopefully I will get back to the old me soon.


My career, where do I start. Since moving back home, I feel like I have loads more freedom. When we lived in Ireland, I felt like I relied on C so much, and everything I did was surrounding his business. As much as this was and is great and at times I really did enjoy it. I felt like there was nothing else.


Now I feel like there are so many avenues. Plus, as a couple, it really isn’t working me working straight under him. We have deiced that I need to find something a bit to the left. Of course, I still want to be a part of his business world, but not directly under him. So we are currently trying to find a solution around that. I have already stopped doing some of the stuff I do, and I already feel loads better for it!

I obviously love Social Media, blogging etc, so we are looking to try and incorporate those areas into a new role, but for the short term, there are other things we need to focus on. So I’m excited for that.

I’ve been looking onto course that I could take to boost my knowledge 🙂 So if you know any great courses in and around the Manchester area let me know!

What’s Next?

So other then Baby making an appearance, and career taking a little turn, and hopefully getting my thyroid levels straight. Things a pretty darn good at the moment. I’m excited to make the changes. Who knows what is in store for us ……..

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