I’ve said soooo many times, if you follow my YouTube channel, you would have seen me talk about my Soap & Glory love fest! It’s getting stronger! I’m falling in love! I got given an array of different Soap & Glory gifts from my mother in law for Christmas… and I’m loving them!

Here are some of my favourites.

The Righteous Butter


Oh my goodness, this is divine. It’s a great moisturiser. I used to stick with good old Garnier, now I have purchased the big tub of this! It is a little pricey, I paid €15 for my big tub, and that was an offer, but my goodness it is so worth it! It has also lasted a fair bit, you wouldn’t even know I have started it.

It’s a butter so is nice and thick, and really spreadable. Once applied it doesn’t leave you with that horrible sticky feeling. You know that one when you have to wait a year for it to soak in, but you have no time, as you are already 5 minutes behind schedule. Not with this bad ass butter. It leaves your skin feeling nourished, glossy and super soft… Oh and the smell, the smell is insane, I can’t even describe it! Just go smell it!

Scrub of Your Life


These quirky names are just getting better, so creative love them!

So this is a great scrub! It has a gel texture, with a little exfoliant, you can defiantly feel the grains, but you don’t feel like you are showering with a piece of sandpaper!  I feel like when I use this, it’s I am just using a soap, but my body afterwards feels super smooth. You can defiantly tell your touching that newly uncovered, untouched skin. BLISS!

I even use this as a weekly exfoliator for my face. I know, all you beauty bosses are probably screaming at the computer  “what… NO!’, but it works so well, I’m able to git rid of that annoying, bogey looking dry skin around my nose! Although that being said, they do have a face range! Hmmm… ‘Review idea”

Clean On Me


I can’t help but sing this when I read, or say/sing it!

This is great, gives you everything you need from a good shower gel. Cleans you, froths up well (so only need a little) which is great as it can be pricey, again but very worth it.It also comes in a bubble bath! It is just amaze balls to lay in a nice velvety bath, with the room filled with that gorgeous aroma of Soap & Glory! Oh, the smell… Have I mentioned it smells lovely!

Body Mist


Yummmmmmmm. This is what I say every time I smell these mists! I use this every day! I even spray a little on my PJs once I’m out of the shower. After shower time, and all the products I’ve used, I walk around the house in a massive aroma ball, peacocking the smell to all those that are around. Hoping for that, “Oh what’s that smell”. In which I reply, “That would be me”, in a very princessy way. SAD!

Seriously, though… These are delicious. The come in a few flavours. Original Pink, Sugar Crush, Frutigo, Orangeasm and finally my FAVE Mist You Madly.. (Great name).

I could write a long paragraph with a description of all the smells, but I wouldn’t do them any justice, trust me, just go and smell them!

Some selected flavours do come in a Eu’toliette! WOW!

So there… I love Soap & Glory, if you have tried some of these products, let me know what you think, and if you have tried something you think I should try! Let me know!






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