Primark Eye & Lip Products Review | 2017

So a few days ago, I did my review on all of the Foundations and Face products that I tried from Primark! Now it is the turn of the Eye and Lip products. Check out the video over on my YouTube channel.

First the Eyes!

Eyeshadow. I brought the Earth eye palette. I keep my eyes very soft, and neutral, #boring! The truth is, I have no clue how to do these fancy, beautiful eye looks. Keep it simple, HA! I do a simple base colour, then blend up to the eyebrow. Done!

The product is very loose, as soon as I wiggled the brush, it broke down quickly, which I thought was a good thing, I only needed a little product 🙂 The colour seemed to be quite pigmented. Not the best, but for the price, it’s defiantly worth it, and for an everyday eye look. For a very reasonable €1.50!!

Next the Mascara, I am usually very fussy with Mascara, I like a good brush, usually a traditional brush, not too fancy. Primark had a few different types, I was spoilt for choice! I went with the Lash Out, €1.50.


The brush was great, didn’t have loads of product on the brush, so didn’t leave loads of clumps. It left my eyelashes long, spacious,  and super natural! OH, MY GOD! My new favourite Mascara!

Third was the Eyebrow Crayon!

This was great, nice and soft, really easy to use. The spooly was great for blending it through. I normally use the Rimmel, basic Eyebrow crayon, and this was defiantly on par with this! I got this in Espresso, FAB!


The Perfect Pout Lip Liner, this was ok! I wouldn’t write home about it. Meh.. take it or leave it.

I also brought the PS..PRO lip liner, which was in a shape of a felt tip. It was sooo easy to apply. I’m not massive into doing my lips, and wearing lip products., but this was great! So easy to apply, and easy to work with, and lasted throughout the day! LOVED IT

Let’s talk lipsticks. The first one I tried, was just from the basic range, in Buff.

The colour was terrible, but the overall feel of the lipstick was nice. It was very easy to apply and had a nice silky feel. Also left my lips feeling very nourished. I think if I was to find a better shade for my skin tone, this could be a winner.

Lastly, I tried the Liquid Lipstick! I’ve never tried these before, so this was a first for me! I liked it. It had the texture and mouldability of a lipgloss, but the pigment and intensity of a lipstick! Great! Again, maybe need to try a different shade.

Overall, I loved pretty much all of these products! Not only for their unbelievable value, but also for their overall look!

I would highly recommend these products, just play around with the different shades, and find what works for you 🙂




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