Primark Contor & Highlighter Review | Gg’s Lifestyle

I have already shared my review on Primarks Foundation.

Now, for my review on the Contour and Highlighting palettes!-€4.50

First the Contour palette. This comes in some lovely packaging, which also makes it super easy to store, and travel with. It comes with three shade. A brown, a blush, and a beige highlighter.

The brown contour was great, it didn’t have any harsh orange undertones, which I thought it would have, from using the foundations. It gave a really nice dark, soft shadow! Was lovely, and stayed all day.

The beige highlighter, didn’t have much pigment, but after really working the brush in I got enough product on my face to make a difference, so this wasn’t the best, but was okay, and did work well with the brown.

The blush, again, took a while to get enough product on the brush, and to be completely honest I couldn’t tell if it had transferred onto my skin. Not impressed.

Overall, I really liked this! I have been using it daily and had a few compliments. Most people thinking it is a high-end product… Ssh, I won’t tell if you don’t 🙂

Next, the Highlighter palette, €4.50. This was okay. I had high expectations of this after using the Contour palette.

This packaging is my favourite, beautiful, white and rose gold. I’m massively into rose gold at the moment, I just changed my phone to rose gold #loser.

It also comes with three colours. A soft golden, shimmery brown, nice soft pink blush, and a shimmery white.

The brown, was gorgous, added a little hint of pasaz. You could even use it on it’s own, maybe if you were heading out, on a night out.

The blusher, I actually used as my main highlighter, was lovely, left a nice natrual shine. I now use this daily, and again, get complimented.

Lastly the white… Let down, was very ashy, and looked dull. Which really ruined the look of the other two. I now just pretend that its not there. Occasionally I mix it with the blush, if I’m feeling extra sassy.

Overall, I was very impressed with both of these palettes! Defiantly recommend these!

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