What a Role Model! – Conna Walker

In my line of work, I am surrounded by gorgeous, modelious women! Being the face of our business, appearance is at top of the list. I don’t mean, we have to look aesthetically pleasing in the face, or super skinny. I mean dressing for your body type and looking presentable, and most of all, professional.

When I first thought of a “professional women”, I just thought of a very ugly trouser suit. The type that makes me look very unfeminine, and very frumpy. Then I was pleasantly surprised. I shopped around and realized women can look DAMN HOT in a pantsuit!


I have a few women that I work with that always look lovely. They balance the ‘sexy’ and ‘professional’ look so well. I know that one of their most favorite sites that they use is “House Of Celeb Boutique”. I never thought too much about it. Just thought it was a nice little site.

That was until this weekend!

I was talking to one of the women I work alongside, and we were just chatting about how she creates her effortless, professional look with a dress! She told me the background of “Hose of Celeb Boutique”. The lady behind the oh so popular dress site is Conna Walker.

What a little dime! This young entrepreneur started when she was just 17 years old! She started designing her dresses, and posting them on Instagram, people loved them, she made a little profit from people who bought the dress via ‘eBay’ and then post it on Instagram, for publicity. After a while, the likes of ‘The Kardashians; were pictured wearing her dresses, and she took off!


This is not the best bit!

Conna Walker has some guidelines that she follows very closely when designing her dresses! She was inspired by curvy women. If the dresses are booby, then they will cover more leg and be midi, If they are short on the leg, they will be high neck, and so on and so forth. Basically, she knows how to stay classy! It’s genius! No matter your body shape, or size.


What an incredible woman to be able to be such an inspiration to every girl from young girls to professional women despite their body! Not only that she designs amazing dresses, she teaches people that you don’t need to show off every bit of skin to be sexy! That pretty much less is more!

Not only that! She has inspired so many people! From the age of 17, that just by following her dreams, haveing fun and doing what she loved, you can really become successful. She has proved how far our society has come, from it being a male driven world in business to now women haveing their turn too!

She is amazing, for her morals, dresses, success. I support her for that! Check her out @connor_walker on Instagram! Let’s support such great women, and ditch the leggy blonde skinny unrealistic role models!




P.S I have not been paid for this blog, I just think she is kick ass!

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