2017’s Goal’s – Let’s do this!

The 1st week of the new year complete! I’ve read a few blogs, a feel there is a continual theme throughout everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions! All this New Year, New Me malarky just isn’t sitting right with me!

Don’t get me wrong I’m very pro goal setting etc, etc… I’m just not sure the phrase New Year, New me is … well me! I’m quite happy with me. There are a few things I want to get better at, also some new challenges I want to challenge myself with, but if one thing is for sure. I don’t want a new me!

This year I have set a few resolutions, some new, but most of all, they are what I have either been doing and stopped or been doing, badly!

Here we go…..

Focus On My Blog More

This is by far the most important one! If I fail at everything else but do great at this, I will be one happy lady! I started my blog in the summer of last year, started off strong, got an okay response, but then I just stopped, and let life take over. When that is the best time to be sharing! So I am super excited about this one!

Get Better At Editing Vlogs

This ties very closely with number one! I want to get lots better at this, you can tell my rookie videos a mile off. So any tips, feel free to share 🙂

Explode In My Career

This includes my day job, my blog and everything in-between! I have nothing better to focus on… So why not.

Travel More

I did pretty well last year, but I defiantly want to do more. Australia, America, Jamaica, and Paris!

Be Grateful

Life isn’t all that bad, just remember I’m very lucky.

Not to Sweat The Small Stuff

If 2016 taught me one thing, is that life is way to short, so not to worry about the little things and let it go. It could always be worse.

So there we go, small, achievable, realistic, and most importantly MY new year Resolutions! Let’s see how this goes!



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