2017!… Be Brave!

Goodbye, 2016… Hello, 2017!

2016 has certainly been a roller coaster year… Not only for me personally but for the whole of the world. We have had the upset of many legends passing, the highs of a great Olympic   Games in Rio! Then the madness of Trump, and depending on which way you voted, the atrocity of Brexit!

For me, this year has also been a rollercoaster… The beginning of the year if I am honest was not great, I was unhappy with where my career was, I was missing home and I felt like all my independence was stripped from me and I was just plodding along!

Mid-year, things really started to change, I had the chance to be more involved with C’s business, which gave me back everything that I was missing, I had my own income, my own worth and felt like I was doing something productive and worthwhile.

But still… something wasn’t right, and I couldn’t work it out.

Then it hit me… After the excitement of my new role wore off, I realized I was suffering from anxiety… This shook me so hard. I had no choice to face up to what was happening and take the grip of what was happening…

I am so pleased to say that I am so much more collected now, and I can honestly say I am so excited for 2017!

The last part of 2016, was by far the best, I started to do really well in my career, I felt calmer and all round more content! I haven’t felt this positive going into a new year in so long!

This year, I will give less f***s at what others think, I will be brave, I will always see the good in every situation 2017 throws at me! There will undoubtfully be tears, laughs, highs, lows, sadness, and happiness, but there is always something positive, things happen for a reason. Most of all I will enjoy life, if 2016 has taught us ALL anything, is that you never know when your time is up! Be grateful and live to the full!

Welcome, 2017!




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