What a Role Model! – Conna Walker

In my line of work, I am surrounded by gorgeous, modelious women! Being the face of our business, appearance is at top of the list. I don’t mean, we have to look aesthetically pleasing in the face, or super skinny. I mean dressing for your body type and looking presentable, and most of all, professional. When I…… Continue reading What a Role Model! – Conna Walker

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2017’s Goal’s – Let’s do this!

The 1st week of the new year complete! I’ve read a few blogs, a feel there is a continual theme throughout everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions! All this New Year, New Me malarky just isn’t sitting right with me! Don’t get me wrong I’m very pro goal setting etc, etc… I’m just not sure the phrase…… Continue reading 2017’s Goal’s – Let’s do this!