What a Role Model! – Conna Walker

In my line of work, I am surrounded by gorgeous, modelious women! Being the face of our business, appearance is at top of the list. I don’t mean, we have to look aesthetically pleasing in the face, or super skinny. I mean dressing for your body type and looking presentable, and most of all, professional.

When I first thought of a “professional women”, I just thought of a very ugly trouser suit. The type that makes me look very unfeminine, and very frumpy. Then I was pleasantly surprised. I shopped around and realized women can look DAMN HOT in a pantsuit!


I have a few women that I work with that always look lovely. They balance the ‘sexy’ and ‘professional’ look so well. I know that one of their most favorite sites that they use is “House Of Celeb Boutique”. I never thought too much about it. Just thought it was a nice little site.

That was until this weekend!

I was talking to one of the women I work alongside, and we were just chatting about how she creates her effortless, professional look with a dress! She told me the background of “Hose of Celeb Boutique”. The lady behind the oh so popular dress site is Conna Walker.

What a little dime! This young entrepreneur started when she was just 17 years old! She started designing her dresses, and posting them on Instagram, people loved them, she made a little profit from people who bought the dress via ‘eBay’ and then post it on Instagram, for publicity. After a while, the likes of ‘The Kardashians; were pictured wearing her dresses, and she took off!


This is not the best bit!

Conna Walker has some guidelines that she follows very closely when designing her dresses! She was inspired by curvy women. If the dresses are booby, then they will cover more leg and be midi, If they are short on the leg, they will be high neck, and so on and so forth. Basically, she knows how to stay classy! It’s genius! No matter your body shape, or size.


What an incredible woman to be able to be such an inspiration to every girl from young girls to professional women despite their body! Not only that she designs amazing dresses, she teaches people that you don’t need to show off every bit of skin to be sexy! That pretty much less is more!

Not only that! She has inspired so many people! From the age of 17, that just by following her dreams, haveing fun and doing what she loved, you can really become successful. She has proved how far our society has come, from it being a male driven world in business to now women haveing their turn too!

She is amazing, for her morals, dresses, success. I support her for that! Check her out @connor_walker on Instagram! Let’s support such great women, and ditch the leggy blonde skinny unrealistic role models!




P.S I have not been paid for this blog, I just think she is kick ass!

Black Mask Review – 2017!

As a teenager, I suffered from really bad acne… This has left me with terrible scars all over my face. As much as I hate them, I would much prefer them, then have those spots back!

I use many different products, and not much helps to lessen them. I have been offered laser treatment, but there is too much information siding with the cons. So I’ll give that a miss.

I’ve seen this ‘Black Mask’ all over the internet, and although I wanted to try it to see what it was like. A very big part of me wanted to feel that o so great satisfaction peeling it of!!!

The instruction say to apply generously onto a clean face, and simply leave for 30 minutes, or until the mask has dried!


Then start peeling!!!

OOCH! It is a little sore when you pull it off, a tad like when you get your eyebrows or top lip waxed! No wonder it was killing! I had no gunk, puss of eyewatering sights, apart from dead skin and small hair, and lots of it!

I was so disappointed… BUT.

As the day went on I couldn’t stop touching my face, I could really feel the benefits, my face was super soft and smooth. Much to my amazement, when I looked in the mirror a few hours later, my skin looked really clear, and scars seemed to be less visible! I had a glow! I was impressed! My makeup also went on like a dream!

So as a roundup, at first very disappointed! Then.. I loved it! I wouldn’t use this daily but defiantly would use it every other week, just to renew my skin!

Big thumbs up to this!



2017’s Goal’s – Let’s do this!

The 1st week of the new year complete! I’ve read a few blogs, a feel there is a continual theme throughout everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions! All this New Year, New Me malarky just isn’t sitting right with me!

Don’t get me wrong I’m very pro goal setting etc, etc… I’m just not sure the phrase New Year, New me is … well me! I’m quite happy with me. There are a few things I want to get better at, also some new challenges I want to challenge myself with, but if one thing is for sure. I don’t want a new me!

This year I have set a few resolutions, some new, but most of all, they are what I have either been doing and stopped or been doing, badly!

Here we go…..

Focus On My Blog More

This is by far the most important one! If I fail at everything else but do great at this, I will be one happy lady! I started my blog in the summer of last year, started off strong, got an okay response, but then I just stopped, and let life take over. When that is the best time to be sharing! So I am super excited about this one!

Get Better At Editing Vlogs

This ties very closely with number one! I want to get lots better at this, you can tell my rookie videos a mile off. So any tips, feel free to share 🙂

Explode In My Career

This includes my day job, my blog and everything in-between! I have nothing better to focus on… So why not.

Travel More

I did pretty well last year, but I defiantly want to do more. Australia, America, Jamaica, and Paris!

Be Grateful

Life isn’t all that bad, just remember I’m very lucky.

Not to Sweat The Small Stuff

If 2016 taught me one thing, is that life is way to short, so not to worry about the little things and let it go. It could always be worse.

So there we go, small, achievable, realistic, and most importantly MY new year Resolutions! Let’s see how this goes!



2017!… Be Brave!

Goodbye, 2016… Hello, 2017!

2016 has certainly been a roller coaster year… Not only for me personally but for the whole of the world. We have had the upset of many legends passing, the highs of a great Olympic   Games in Rio! Then the madness of Trump, and depending on which way you voted, the atrocity of Brexit!

For me, this year has also been a rollercoaster… The beginning of the year if I am honest was not great, I was unhappy with where my career was, I was missing home and I felt like all my independence was stripped from me and I was just plodding along!

Mid-year, things really started to change, I had the chance to be more involved with C’s business, which gave me back everything that I was missing, I had my own income, my own worth and felt like I was doing something productive and worthwhile.

But still… something wasn’t right, and I couldn’t work it out.

Then it hit me… After the excitement of my new role wore off, I realized I was suffering from anxiety… This shook me so hard. I had no choice to face up to what was happening and take the grip of what was happening…

I am so pleased to say that I am so much more collected now, and I can honestly say I am so excited for 2017!

The last part of 2016, was by far the best, I started to do really well in my career, I felt calmer and all round more content! I haven’t felt this positive going into a new year in so long!

This year, I will give less f***s at what others think, I will be brave, I will always see the good in every situation 2017 throws at me! There will undoubtfully be tears, laughs, highs, lows, sadness, and happiness, but there is always something positive, things happen for a reason. Most of all I will enjoy life, if 2016 has taught us ALL anything, is that you never know when your time is up! Be grateful and live to the full!

Welcome, 2017!