Birthdays Away From Home

Hey Guys!

So yesterday was my birthday! 24! Seems so weird! The 2nd year away from my family. This year was a tad easier, although I did miss my family loads!

Last year was super tough. We had only been in Ireland for less then a month. We had just moved in to our new apartment, so I felt really unsettled, the weather was pants and to be completely honest things were not great. So with my birthday looming my homesick was defiantly at a high! Don’t get me wrong I was pleased I was with C, on our new adventure, but I still craved being at home with my family on my special day.

That aside I still had a lovely day, a parcel arrived on my doorstep the morning of my birthday, full to the brim with cards and trinkets from my family. All of which made me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time. I had a chat with the family on good old FaceTime, and everything worked out well.

This year was a little different, I suppose it helped that I knew what to expect, I knew what it was going to feel like, but most of all I am overall more happier in life! Things in life are just going right. We are now living in Cork, in a nice home, weather is loads better in Cork, we have lots to look forward to in personal and in business life.

This year instead of dreading my birthday, I kept forgetting about it! (Not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, or I am just more relaxed this year) I’m going for the latter.

I woke up to a lovely card and thoughtful gifts from C, and array of cards and trinkets sent from the family once more. This time instead of sadness, I was filled with love and appreciation!

Birthdays are a special time for all. Its not about the gifts or the parties. It’s simply about the kind words and appreciation for our family. It doesn’t matter that they’re miles away, they can still make you feel just as special and treated as if you were at home!

As for celebrations, I will be going home in a few weeks, so I’m sure we will catch up then, and me and C are of to Tenerife in 10 days so I am sure that is more than enough celebrations!

Enjoy the little things, and they become the biggest, and most important things.




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