Finally! I did it!

Hey Guys!

Firstly thank you so much for taking time out to read and follow my blog!

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a long time now, really uming & ahhring whether I should take the plunge.

I’ve always loved social media, and find myself always on either Facebook and Instergram and YouTube all the time. I’ve got to admit these are the only ones I use. I have dabbled with Snapchat but really don’t get it! I should definitely try and get on with it.

So I have been following a few bloggers for a few years now. From great beauty bloggers and even mummy bloggers. All are great and very inspirational. I particularly like watching there vlogs and reviews on YouTube, and I am definitely guilty of catching up with them whilst doing my cardio at the gym (I HATE cardio, but I know we have to do it).

The blogger communtiy is a great one to be involved with, and everyone is so happy to help out which is lovely! Just a little shout out to Jess Avey the wonder women behind ‘lilypod and sweatpea’, this was one of the first blogs I followed! Check it out.

I’m not a mum, and I’m pretty pants on the beauty front, so I will share with you my life, the ups the downs, the tears the laughter and everything else in between. Who knows i may do a few, reviews, vlogs and hauls from time to time too!

looking forward to it guys, speak soon 🙂


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