Boots Haul

Hey Guys!

I hope your all well, I did a cheeky Boots Haul this week!

I love Boots, I just love how you know what to expect when you arrive, their stores are set out in a super easy layout, and very spacious, so not always bumping into fellow shoppers. With every other word “oops, sorry”, “Excuse me..” Boots is great.

So the first thing I picked up was ‘Garnier’s Ultimate Blends, Nourishing Lotion’ I choose the ‘Mythic Olive’ for dry skin. I really struggle with my dry skin. I use sunbeds (yep I know i shouldn’t, shoot me later) but i need to use a lot of moisturizer to keep my skin from drying out.

This moisturizer comes in four different types, the one I brought, then ‘Soothing Hydration Lotion, Delicate Oil’ for Dry and Sensitive Skin, good for the whole family. ‘Restore Lotion, Honey Treasures’ for Very Dry Skin and finally ‘Hydrating Lotion, Marvellous Oils’ for Normal Skin. The all smell out of this world!

I paid €4.39, it was also on offer and that was for the 400ml, so i thought that was great! It has a pump, so really easy not to over squeeze and use to much.

This feels so nice on my body, its thick enough to know that its working but it absorbs really nicely leaving you feeling so, so soft. It doesn’t take to long to soak in, I put it on when I get out of the shower, by the time I’ve finished applying to my whole body, I’m able to put on my clothes without the horrid sticky feeling. And the smell! honesty its AMAZING! It last all day too!

Overall, one of the best moisturizers I have used for a very long time! 10/10 from me!


Secondly I grabbed myself a new Nail Varnish! I always either use Rimmel London or Barry M. I love all the colours that Barry M has! They also go on so well, not to thick, really easy to apply evenly, and only takes a couple of minutes to dry!

What I loved about this Nail Varnish, was how pretty it looks, I always do my nails with a fairly natural look, but i do like to have a little shooosh. So when I saw this it was perfect.

I already had really nice pink from Rimmel London that was going to match this perfectly! So I couldn’t resist! I used it and it looked so nice, from a far just looks like a natural pink, but when you get a little closer, they have a really pretty shimmer! It has also lasted just over a week and not chipped at all.

It is only a Limited addition to Boots! So will only be able to get it in Boots. Cost €4.99 I’d with out a doubt give this a 10/10, and is now my favorite nail varnish in my set.

Nail Varnish.PNG

Finally, my last purchase!

Maybeline Fit Me foundation and Contour Kit!

I don’t’ want to go into to much detail about the foundation as I have done a review on YouTube, so check that out there! But I will talk about the Contour Kit, I brought mine in medium, it also comes in light. I’ve tried both, and the Medium just gives that more defined look, but I’m sure its down to your skin tone.

This is my third palette, I love it! It’s so easy to apply, and last throughout the day, and it doesn’t look to muddy (I can’t stand that muddy look) The pigments are great, so you don’t need to much, which also makes it last a while.

It cost between €8.99 – €10.99, I paid €8.99 in Boots! So if you would like a nice natural looking contour kit, I’d defiantly recommend this! 10/10 form GG!


Lots of Love



Count the memories not the miles


As I have previously mentioned, I am originally from Hampshire, England, but due to my partners business we have relocated to Count Cork, Ireland. It’s not our forever home, but it is our home for now.

I first moved out of my family home just over a year ago, and what a crazy year it’s been. I had always lived at home, but very rarely was at home, I always had a minimum of two jobs and a great social life, going to watch live gigs, meeting with friends at the pub, and spent most of my evenings in the gym. That said I always loved being near my family, popping over to see my sister, grandparents, or just going to my best friend’s house Kate’s, sometimes even when she wasn’t in. But I liked knowing that everyone was near by.

This all changed after I met my now partner, lets call him C for now. We met when we were both working in Southampton, then he moved with work to London, we were really early days then, so I would just go to London on the weekends, and we would do some cool things (as you do in London, as it is one of the best cities). After around 6 weeks he was then to move to Manchester! London, that I could cope with a quick train journey, but 4 hours in a car, didn’t feel me with too much excitement. It was then when he asked me to move with him!

A thousand and one feelings filled me, I had just taken on a new job, my sister was now pregnant with her second child, my niece. After a lot of thought (more like 10 minutes) I decided F*** It! whats the worse that could happen. I always loved adventures, and traveling, so it seemed right! I had a week to get sorted then that was it, I was officially a grown up!

Fast forward another 6 weeks, my partner got an opportunity to expand his business to Ireland! My first thought was, seriously, I’ve only just got the apartment unpacked and straight. Second thought was, ok, am I really ready to go that far from home? What will I do? I don’t know any one…Third thought was, thank goodness for Ryanair, and cheap flights.

So that was it we were on our second adventure to the emerald isle, and we are still here now, alive and kicking.

Don’t get me wrong to start with it was really difficult, not really seeing C that much as he was super busy, and I had opposite work patterns as I was working in a creche (which was amazing, that’s a whole different blog) so day to day life became quite a struggle, I felt isolated, and with Christmas around the corner, I missed my family like mad.

The hardest part was when my niece, Brek was born, I couldn’t get home in time, and 4 weeks later I was already going home for the kids christening. So made sense to just wait, it was the longest 4 weeks ever.

Things have defiantly got easier as the time has gone on. I’ve started working alongside C. This not only keeps me busy, but I feel apart of something and included, it’s also given me my independence back, I have my own income, so can pop home every couple of months, my mum also comes over. I make sure I speak to my best friend a few times a week.

Thank goodness for technology! When ever there is a birthday or a family occasion, there i am being passed round on whoever’s Iphone has the best signal, FaceTiming. This is great, although sat on the sofa, singing Happy Birthday to myself is a tad strange.

But as time has gone on, I’ve realized, although there is few 100 miles between me and my family, we are lucky to live in such a great time, where you can call someone at anytime, in anyplace, and even see them as if they were here. I also live 20 minutes away form the airport so with a quick flight i can be straight back there, for a little getaway.

Just remember the memories your making, you have already made, and those that are yet to come!

Finally! I did it!

Hey Guys!

Firstly thank you so much for taking time out to read and follow my blog!

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a long time now, really uming & ahhring whether I should take the plunge.

I’ve always loved social media, and find myself always on either Facebook and Instergram and YouTube all the time. I’ve got to admit these are the only ones I use. I have dabbled with Snapchat but really don’t get it! I should definitely try and get on with it.

So I have been following a few bloggers for a few years now. From great beauty bloggers and even mummy bloggers. All are great and very inspirational. I particularly like watching there vlogs and reviews on YouTube, and I am definitely guilty of catching up with them whilst doing my cardio at the gym (I HATE cardio, but I know we have to do it).

The blogger communtiy is a great one to be involved with, and everyone is so happy to help out which is lovely! Just a little shout out to Jess Avey the wonder women behind ‘lilypod and sweatpea’, this was one of the first blogs I followed! Check it out.

I’m not a mum, and I’m pretty pants on the beauty front, so I will share with you my life, the ups the downs, the tears the laughter and everything else in between. Who knows i may do a few, reviews, vlogs and hauls from time to time too!

looking forward to it guys, speak soon 🙂